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Stories have the power to change lives and transform futures. When I founded True Vine Ministries in 2014, I did so because of my passion for the intersection of storytelling and spreading the Gospel. True Vine is a nonprofit video production company that creates meaningful impact through developing and sharing films that illustrate the diverse stories of what God has done in the lives of people across the world. 


The film productions we create fall into two distinct categories – the Testimony of Hope mini-docuseries and faith-based films. The mini-docuseries segments feature short testimonials of individuals whose lives have been changed by their relationship with Christ, and how that relationship has allowed them to bring others on their journey. We share these episodes on our YouTube channel and Instagram and Facebook accounts, meeting people in online spaces to bring them Good News.


Our film projects offer audiences the opportunity to do a deeper dive. Our most recent project, Coronado - Tagged for Live, told the story of a man whose life was changed forever after accepting God’s hope and love, leaving behind a life of criminal activity in Chicago. This film received an award for “The Most Inspirational Documentary” at the HollywoodDivine International Film Fest and was official selected at the International Christian Film & Music Festival. Coronado is available to audiences through streaming on Amazon Prime and TUBI,  and in-person screenings. 


We are currently working on our new film, titled Beyond the Grave – Death Defeated by Love, which highlights the highly-relatable story of Amanda, a young adult who is struggling with the severe illness of a parent and the victim of an abusive relationship. Searching for meaning in life, the main character ultimately finds hope and redemption. This film is still in production, but we can’t wait to share it with the world, at a time when the message is so desperately needed. 


True Vine Ministries’ mission is to spread the gospel of Christ through movies and video projects and we need your support to help us complete this new project. Our goal is to raise $10,000 by June 2024 to help us complete Beyond The Grave. Please consider making a monthly, quarterly, or even a one-time donation of $25 or more at or using the enclosed envelope. Gifts of all sizes and frequencies are appreciated and encouraged. If we surpass our goal, know that your gift will further our mission and support future ministry film and documentary series projects. We hope you will join us today as our partners in spreading the story of the impact Christ can have on your life by making a tax-deductible contribution. 


Thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support of True Vine Ministries.

Please see our promotional offers below.  

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Donation of $25 

Custom Letter Opener

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We are making it easy for you to donate.  Just click on the button below to submit your donation.  

In addition, when you donate to True Vine Ministries, the donations are spread across the following areas: 

1. Administrative costs to operate the ministry
2. Film Equipment
3. DVD creations
4. New Film Projects
5. Marketing 
6. Travel expenses
7. Caption creation and language translations
8. Screening Events 

Again we would like to thank you for your continued support and may God Bless you abundantly. 



True Vine Ministries is a a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry so all donations are tax deductible. 



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