Ever since our documentary was launched around the Chicago, Texas and Wisconsin areas we have been receiving great feedback on the impact it has made to many that have watched the film.  We heard back just recently from some graffiti friends that Milton has worked with in the past, that were non-Christian and they expressed how much they identified with the events in the film and how much it touched their lives spiritually. At our movie screening in Milwaukee we had a Latin American family that expressed how inspirational Milton's story was and wanted us to come to their church to show others.  God is already making a difference with our productions and we want to continue that progress.  


Currently, we are in progress of making our new movie called "Beyond the Grave".  We are in the pre-production phase but we hit a brick wall with our funding.  In order for us to continue our progress we need your help financially.  We have so much to do being that we were delayed majorly during the Covid-19 restrictions. This support will help us complete our script, visual effects, casting and get the crew we need for this production.  We are a non-profit ministry and we can't continue without your financial support. We depend entirely on your gracious prayerful donations.  


As an incentive for your donation we are offering the following promotional items: 


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In addition, when you donate to True Vine Ministries, the donations are spread across the following areas: 

1. Administrative costs to operate the ministry
2. Film Equipment
3. DVD creations
4. New Film Projects
5. Marketing 
6. Travel expenses
7. Caption creation and language translations
8. Screening Events 

Again we would like to thank you for your continued support and may God Bless you abundantly. 



True Vine Ministries is a a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry so all donations are tax deductible.