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Testimony of Hope - Episode #3 (Irina's Testimony)

A inspirational story about Irina's journey leaving her family behind in the Ukraine to find refuge in Bulgaria. 

Testimony of Hope - Episode #2 (Life of Lamont Taylor)


A powerful story about Lamont's struggle with the law and how God delivered him and gave him his true purpose for youth ministry.

Movie Screening Promo in Milwaukee, WI


This was a promotional video that I put together for our movie screening at the Milwaukee Centeral SDA Church.  

Movie Trailer - Coronado Tagged for Life


Milton comes from a difficult upbringing that leads him to join a prominent Chicago gang as a tagger. At an early age he loses his mother to an illness and later loses his father through gang violence. He later finds a relationship with Christ which opens a new world of using his talents for good.

Testimony of Hope - Episode #1 (Congo Mission)


This is an inspiring story of Dr. Amir Gulzar, a missionary at the University of Lukanga in the Congo.  He gives us a glimpse of his life in the mission field. 

Unity in Motion - Promo


This is one promo video I just completed for a non-profit called Unity in Motion.  Unity in Motion Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public benefit, non-profit, youth-focused social service organization providing literacy programs, non- violent martial arts instruction, leadership and values training, educational assistance, community outreach and mentoring activities targeted to reach at promise youth in the Milwaukee central city.

Lakeview SDA Church in Chicago

This is a promotional video I did for the Lakeview SDA Church in Downtown Chicago.  It also includes a quick background of how the church started.  


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