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New Way to Support TVM

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We have a new way that you can support our ministry.  We have joined Amazon Smile and have joined the list of registered Charities that participate in this program.  All you you have to do is click on the link below and do your normal shopping. Then Amazon will donate a portion of your total purchase price to our ministry. Its that easy.  

Official Movie Landing Page

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Filming Has Begun!


On Wednesday January 27th, 2021 we launched our new landing page for our new movie called "Beyond the Grave".  There you will get a chance to view our official movie teaser.  We are still in progress of making our new film being that we had some major delays in production due to Covid-19 restrictions.  We hope that you will enjoy the progress our team has made.  Please continue to pray for God's guidance and direction. 

On Sunday September 11th, we began filming our Green Screen footage for our final scenes in our film.  We had to wonderful actors that helped us make this a reality.  Gabrielle Dubrul, who played the majestic angel and Erik Andrews, who played the young version of Dean Watson, who is the father of Amanda Watson. This puts us 20% closer to completing our film.  Please check out our gallery below to see more pics from our film shoot. 

Online Streaming with Tubi Tv

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Coronado - Tagged for Life
on Amazon Prime


We are proud to announce that Tubi TV has accepted our documentary to be available in their large categories of movies. If you haven't see the movie go check it out.  This is one other channel that people can learn more about the power of God's transformation.  Just click the link below. 

If you haven't seen the documentary please go check it out on Amazon Prime.


Here is what people are saying...

"Coronado Tagged for Life is a must see film of the life of Milton Coronado - Sam S. 

"An inspirational story about someone rising up through adversity and becoming the person he was meant to be.  a Christian based film tha reconnects you to the effects of living a spiritual life. Definitely recommend it."  - Edward K

"I got a chance to watch this at a screening, and the power of what God can do in your life and how he can take your gifts to use them to encourage others was awesome. I will never think about graffiti, the power that can come through this art form and the stories behind the artists in the same way. I highly recommend seeing this film to get your perspective in check and your soul inspired." - Candace S. 

"Compelling, insightful and thought-provoking film." - ADP

"A powerful story about the life and experiences of Milton Coronado. Must watch if you're looking for a film about the power of forgiveness and applying the principles of Jesus to your life." - Matt F. 

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English DVD

Spanish DVD Available

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